Infertility Conception Difficulties!

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Overcoming infertility and preparing for pregnancy is a step by step process and as these pages will show, each successful step covered, means you are that much closer to conceiving.

Normally a couple will try to conceive without any concerns for about twelve months. After having tried to fall pregnant and a year goes by with no pregnancy, the first feelings of concern may be felt. By this time you are starting to get worried, and will begin to read and research the reasons why conception has not taken place. Discussing your concerns with a family member or friend may enlighten you with your first bit of information on the word infertility.

Generally women may be the first ones in the relationship to find out about the reality of female infertility, as well as the infertility statistics surrounding the difficulties in falling pregnant.

This may be your first attempt at conceiving, or you may have had one successful pregnancy already. Now second time round, you assume falling pregnant will be easy. Yet, despite trying, there has been no conception. Feelings of despair and disbelief may be experienced whether this is your first child or even if you are trying for the second time round. Secondary infertility can create the exact same feelings of worry and concern and in fact, can be harder if you have already experienced the joys of having had a child.

We take our bodies for granted, expecting functions like falling pregnant to happen without any problems. This is true especially if both you and your partner are felt to be healthy with no medical conditions to be concerned about.

After all pregnancy is part of the normal “circle of life”.

Male infertility can be responsible for a large portion of couples not falling pregnant easily or when trying for a period of time. For any man, this can be a very sensitive subject and can add strain to a relationship when no pregnancy is achieved. Fortunately the causes of male infertility can be determined quite easily by your physician.

Patience is a virtue!

infertilityGoing to see your doctor as early as you can will set your mind at rest! We highly recommend this visit for both partners, as tests will be carried out on both. Discussing your inability to fall pregnant may be a worrying factor, and friends and family may be pressurizing you with questions of

“When are you going to have a baby”?

At this point little may be known about either female infertility or for that matter, male infertility.

Seeing your physician will allow the first stage in the fertility journey to be dealt with. Discussing a possible fertility treatment plan with your doctor or specialist will be an easier conversation to have, particularly if your relationship is trustworthy.

You will have many questions needing answers and these questions can relate to age, health, previous miscarriage or even sport and working environment.

A condition for everyone

A condition for everyone Both male and female are affected, in any race or culture. There is no discrimination. Unkown infertility can be hardest to bear.


The inability to fall pregnant may vary from a minor nature, which can be easily corrected, to a more serious medical condition. A physical condition may be serious enough, to require medical intervention, with a fertility treatment plan. Only your physician can ascertain this, during the assessment visit and resulting plan going foreward. For a woman, being 35 or more can be a factor, so the sooner your doctor begins the investigation, the better. Time may be of the essence!

The good news is, that in most instances and if diagnosed correctly, there is a treatment or action plan suitable to you as a couple, whether the male or female is experiencing the difficulties around conception. Possibly an infertility diet which looks at healthy choices is a first consideration. Fertility issues can be resolved, by making minor adjustments in your lifestyle or by a simple medical proceedure and thereafter couples go on to have a beautiful healthy baby.

Infertility reasons

We look into the very many reasons for infertility, as well as unknown infertility, on these pages. There are many success stories! So, if you are in despair, then remember it is a step by step process, which eventually can have a wonderful outcome. Enlisting the support of your partner, to be there for each other, will make this tedious journey, that much easier to endure!

We take you on a journey looking at: diet, exercise, supplements, medical treatments, as well as alternative options and solutions when seeking the infertility cure.