Buy generic Levitra Online

Generic Levitra is the popular medication to treat a various disease associated with sexual problems.

Out of many, it has been widely prescribed to get speedy recovery from male impotency medically it is known as erectile dysfunction. In several places, it is available under the trade name of Levitra.

It comes from the family of PDE5 inhibitor which prevents the thickening of blood vessels. When compared with another PDE5 inhibitor, Levitra has the slight difference in the position of a nitrogen atom and few other changes in the chemical structure.

This ED medication is a short effective pill on comparing with other, which means they start performing within a short time after its consumption.

Erectile dysfunction is the major problem that robs many men happiness. This condition will not allow them to maintain their relationship healthy. In this case, generic Levitra medication will be the best rescue for immediate results. Most ED specialists are increasingly prescribing the generic version of Levitra rather than brand medication. It also helps in overcome premature ejaculation problem.

How is erection achieved with generic Levitra?

The active ingredient in generic Levitra is Vardenafil hydrochloric acid. It reacts with brain chemicals and stimulates them to send signals to increase the blood flow to the male reproductive organ. This hike in blood flow helps to achieve the healthy erection in men who are sexually aroused. If that person has not been sexually aroused, the performance of this generic Levitra along would not help to attain the desired erection.

Taking generic Levitra

Consult your doctor to pick the correct dosage strength of Levitra.

After you have been prescribed with particular dosage, you need to take them as per the instruction in the prescription. Most doctors’ advice would be taking generic Levitra before or after the food but before few hours of involving in sexual activity.

Take the recommended dose approximately before 30 minutes to 60 minutes of sexual intercourse with the partner.

One should not take more than one pills of Levitra in generic form per day. More than one pill would adversely affect the health condition. At least 24 hours interval should be maintained after the previous intake.

Dosage instruction of generic Levitra

The working of generic Levitra is similar to brand forms. The only difference between them is the composition of inactive ingredients. Generic Levitra is available in 5mg, 10mg, and 20mg.

The color of the pill is orange and comes in the round shape. It has the imprint of dosage strength with manufacturer name. The 2o milligram Levitra in the generic formulation has been identified with the imprint of 20 on one side and Bayer’s on the other side.

The age restriction to use any dose of this generic Levitra is below 18 years. And for elder men who are above 60 years, high dosages are not recommended.

The lower dose is 5mg; it can also be taken as 2.5mg during the starting stage of the treatment. For elder people and newbie with ED problem can take 5mg of generic Levitra before 1 hour of the intercourse. The dose can be gradually increased for young men weekly based on doctor’s advice.

The maximum dose of generic Levitra can be taken if the severity of the problem is high. It also depends on age, weight and current health condition.

Risk and safety measures to be considered while taking generic Levitra

There is a high risk of change in the level of blood pressure when taking this medication with other drugs. The blood pressure may drop down to certain level sometimes up to an unsafe level that may result in stroke.

If you are taking another pill to combat chest pain that contains nitrates it is unsafe to use generic Levitra.

This medication will produce severe health risk if you are having any below mentioned medical problems.

  • Heart-related disease such as heart failure, fast rate of heartbeat, had experienced a recent heart attack
  • Uncontrolled blood pressure
  • Stomach ulcer
  • Any diseases associated with the penile area such as Peyronie’s disease.
  • Any vision problem
  • Hearing trouble
  • Kidney problem
  • Frequent seizures
  • Hypertension
  • Specific genetic diseases
  • Having any diseases associated with blood cells

If you take any medication that contraindicates the effect of this ED medication, consult your doctor to overcome this issue.


The risk of drug interaction can be avoided by informing your doctors about your current medication list. Since the performance or working of generic Levitra will get affected due to this drug interaction. Below is the list of medications that causes drug interaction with generic Levitra

  • Saquinavir
  • Clarithromycin
  • Alpha blockers such as Flomax, Silodosin, Uroxatral
  • HIV protease inhibitors
  • Sporanox

If you are taking any of the above drugs let your doctor know about this. So that they may suggest you the proper time to starting off with this generic formulation Levitra medication. Mostly there should be a 3 days interval should be maintained once you have stopped taking any other drugs.

If you are suffering from any of withdrawal symptoms after quitting other drugs, it is dangerous to take this ED medication as it may cause deadly aftereffects.

It highly risks using Levitra along with other ED treating medication as well as treatment for ED.

The common side effects of Generic Levitra include dizziness, running nose, fainting, back pain, headache, and drop in blood pressure. In seldom it could cause a prolonged erection that lasts more than four hours. It also rarely affects the eye vision.

Alcohol consumption is very dangerous when taking generic Levitra. The chemical composition of alcohol will deprive the working speed of this drug. A Patient could not achieve the desired erection when he has consumed alcohol before few hours of taking this medication.

Smoking is another serious enemy that itself is the cause of erectile dysfunction. The generic Levitra will not work effectively if a person is an addictive smoker. Smoking cigars will increase the nicotine level in the blood. It suppresses the efficacy of generic Levitra.

Maintain properly balanced diet without adding grapefruit or grape flavored foods will not help in combating the problem with this medication.

Important information on using Generic Levitra

Women should not take this ED pill as there are no clinical studies prove the efficiency of the drug in treating any sexual problems in women.

Pregnant women should not take this medication as it would result in fetal harm and after delivery; the active compound will affect the newborn through breast milk.