Infertility in Men Size or Quality?

Infertility in men is on the increase to alarming proportions.

The world as we know it may end, not due to tsunamis, earthquakes or the ozone layer, but because of what is happening right there in the males reproductive system..

Over the last couple of decades, low sperm count has been contributing to causes of male infertility.

During your infertility phase, it’s definitely quality and not size, that will count!

These pages contain information relating to male infertility issues:

Infertility Statistics – It may surprise you to know how infertility is increasing, and it is for this reason statistics provide an important view around this.

Causes of male infertility – There are so many reasons for infertility, which could be of a minor nature, or a more serious condition.

Semen Analysis – A test to count sperm numbers, verify the health status or to check if abnormalities exist.

Low Sperm Count – This condition unknowingly affects many men, who are unaware until undergoing a semen analysis.

Azoospermia – The absence of any sperm in the testes can be a delivery or production issue which may require medical intervention.

Vasectomy reversal – The procedure is successful for many men, providing another chance at fatherhood.

Mumps – A childhood disease which may cause infertility in males if contracted in adulthood.

Varicocele – Varicose veins of the testicle, causing raised temperatures which may ultimately affect sperm count and health.

Male Infertility Treatments

Every man knows what his penis is capable of, how it looks and feels, but few are concerned about what goes on inside.

For many years, the focus of fertility research and treatment has been primarily around female infertility. In reality, at least half of all infertility cases have a male factor as a major or contributing cause. Recent advances in the diagnosis and treatment of male infertility have enabled pregnancies in cases where the male partner was previously considered to be untreatable or even sterile. There are a number of male infertility treatment options available.

Fortunately with the increasing use of Assisted Reproductive Technology treatments, more men diagnosed with sperm type infertility issues are able to overcome these problems. Using procedures such as sperm washing or ICSI – Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection will give a man the opportunity to father his own child.

A man’s reproduction system is not only a source of pleasure, it is also a masterpiece in design and engineering. Where do babies come from? Certainly if infertility in men continues to rise, there will be fewer babies born each decade.

Men’s health isn’t really difficult to understand, as most often, what goes wrong in the body can be self inflicted. Past and current lifestyles have done a great deal to change how healthy we are, and not much has been for the better! Fortunately it is not too late, when diagnosed with infertility, as there a many male infertility treatment available.

Certainly if infertility in men continues to rise, there will be fewer babies born each decade.

Protect your millions!

The causes of male infertility can really be simple and easy to treat or may be more complex. A males body is designed uniquely to cater for hot and cold conditions, which also affects male sperm conditions. Too hot, is not good, neither is too cold.

The testicle is its own vehicle, moving up close to the body for warmth or hanging for coolness. Wearing appropriate underwear is a fundamental requirement during the male infertility treatment phase. Let your boys hang loose!

Men are notoriously confident in their libido and this can take a crushing blow when the term infertility is applied. Some may be confident enough to go straight to their medical physician to discuss their situation. Your confidence levels will be truly tried and tested. Specifically if it turns out that your partner is OK, and the problem of not conceiving may reside with you. After all, big boys don’t cry!

Look on the positive side. Your physician or specialist will advise you that in most cases, infertility in men, is much easier and quicker to treat, than in females.

Environmental conditions, diet or lifestyle could be all that is affecting you. Even a serious condition, requiring medical intervention, can result in a healthy conception for your partner.

So take heart, in knowing that this is most often a temporary phase in your life.

Even in today’s modern world, dealing with infertility need not be a “life” threatening situation. There are many ways to look at this time in your life. Fortunately a few options exist, as discussed in these pages, for treating infertility.

What will become evident, is that every book, magazine or periodical or the internet, containing information on infertility, will advise of the importance of a healthy lifestyle. Small adjustments can be made in your day to day routine to achieve this. A guide to a healthy lifestyle can be found on infertility diet. After all it stands to reason healthy sperm requires a healthy lifestyle.