Infertility Questions So Many to Consider!

There will be many infertility questions you will have to answer. Family and friends will be interested and will ask these questions out of concern and interest.

Therefore plan ahead, make notes and have the answers to the infertility questions ready and on hand!

Its better to get some of the searching questions and issues out in the open, from the very beginning

Questions and issues to consider

  • Have you investigated signs of infertility that may be affecting you?
  • Would you tell friends and family members, or would you attempt to keep your infertility treatments a complete secret?
  • If you intend keeping it a secret, can you ensure that it stays that way? What will happen then when it becomes known? Will it be destructive to anyone close to you?
  • Do you have anyone very close that can support you through this? Someone of the same gender, that will understand? Someone that can keep your confidence and not discuss your infertility status with any one else, if that is your wish?
  • Would you seek infertility support from the medical profession?
  • Could you handle and cope with a multiple pregnancy, like twins or triplets?
  • Can you cope with a miscarriage?
  • What if one, some, or all of the babies die?
  • Do you have the money to cope with the costs associated with Assisted Reproductive Technology?
  • How long would you persist with infertility treatments, as discussed on in vitro fertilization?
  • Would you consider the assistance of an egg donor or a sperm donor? Would your partner?
  • Have you considered that egg donation or sperm donation, comes from a third party, and that your baby will carry someone else’s DNA/genetics?
  • Is surrogacy a possibility and a consideration? The types of surrogacy will require thorough investigation.
  • Is adoption an option?
  • Do you have a doctor / physician you trust? Are able to discuss all your emotions and and fears openly with this professional?
  • How does your partner feel? Can you rely on each other for support?
  • Will your relationship stand up to the strain of your infertility phase (anything from 1 month to years…)
  • Has your partner had a vasectomy or sterilization and has not told you? Is he/she willing to seek medical assistance as discussed on vasectomy reversal?
  • Would you consider counseling during this phase?
  • Do you have any religious restraints in seeking medical treatment? Can these be overcome?

Consult with a medical professional

In seeking the answers to your infertility questions, you may wonder if you are able to go through with all that it will take. Seeking professional medical assistance is your best solution. Information may be researched to find some of the answers before you see your doctor.

It is important that you compile a list of all the questions you have in regard this condition. Both you and your partner should seek a consultation, as it is important to determine where the symptoms may originate from.

Infertility treatments are very different for male and female, as your physician will advise during your visit.

Try and ensure your appointment is with your doctor, at a time of day when it is quieter and more relaxed. Your appointment time should be long enough, at least a half to full hour to discuss all your questions. Request a detailed plan of the investigation and treatment you can expect.

Your doctor may refer you to a fertility specialist and clinic for further treatment. Find out as much as you can before your appointment, for a better understanding of the process. That way, you may manage all suggestions and be prepared from the beginning. The going could get rocky and the more information you have about the planned treatment, the better you will be able to cope!