Infertility solution found in a bottle?

An infertility solution can be found in many forms and shapes. Why should vitamins and supplements be taken to assist in your infertility success? If you are already following the infertility diet recommendations, then your daily eating plan will probably include plenty of fruits and vegetables, meats and dairy products.

Unfortunately our daily intake of healthy foods does not give us enough essential vitamins and minerals as per the recommended daily allowance (RDA). Often this is due to storage conditions or even the method of cooking, where some of these essential nutrients are lost.

Taking vitamins and supplements gives the body an additional boost in “catching up” on those important ones that may be lacking in your daily eating habits. Supplements are known to boost the immune system which may resolve infertility issues of a minor nature. Vitamins and supplements are an important addition when treating infertility.

Medical condition

For many couples, the real possibility of an infertility medical condition may exist. Your doctor will recommend some basic tests to establish if a medical condition does exist, as discussed on fertility test. There are many conditions which may affect the fertility status for either male or female.  Being informed about what transpires in the body, such as ovulation symptoms, means that sperm and egg will meet at the right moment. Pregnancy can only be maintained if the luteal phase is not too short. In the case of the male partner, finding out if he has low sperm count must be established right at the start of the investigative stage. Even in the event of a medical condition being found or being diagnosed, taking a course of supplements during your treatment will assist your fertility struggle.

Infertility solution

There are specific vitamins and supplements which apply to males and females infertility:

  • Males – Taking a zinc supplements is vital. Zinc promotes a good and healthy prostate gland, which produces the seminal fluid for the male sperm and aids sperm production. Vitamin C has a good influence on sperm for mobility purposes, for those “lazy” ones.
  • Females – Your gynecologist would recommend folic acid supplements as well, in preparation for and during pregnancy.
  • For both – Important supplements, for infertility success, include A, C, D and E. Magnesium supplements are also essential.
  • For both – Omega 3 (fish) oil supplement is always important, in all walks of life for reducing depression and feeding the brain. Foods rich in this source are sardines, wild salmon, mackerel or herring.


Taking vitamins to resolve infertility can be confusing as there appear to be so many supplements available, so how do you find out what is required and suitable to your situation? Our recommendation for your daily supplement intake is:

  • A good multivitamin and mineral formula, taken in the morning.
  • At least a 1000 mg of vitamin C, could be taken mid morning.
  • An essential fat formula – Omega 3, could be taken mid morning.
  • A combined calcium and magnesium supplement, taken in the late afternoon
  • A good supplement of zinc, which could include an antioxidant – list of antioxidants. Taken morning or afternoon.

Supplements should be swallowed with meals and with a good volume of water. Drinking lots of water will aid the absorption of the supplement, making your urine less yellow, which is quite normal when taking vitamins.

Drinking water through out the day also cleanses the body, so add a slice or two of lemon to your water which is excellent for your PH acid / alkaline balance as discussed on alkaline diet page.

These pages detail the primary supplements to be taken during infertility:

  • Vitamin C
  • Essential for Infertility Health
  • Vitamin E Benefits
  • For Healthy Sperm Formation
  • Beta Carotene Supplement
  • Against free radical attack on sperm
  • Zinc Supplements
  • An Amazing Nutrient for Infertility
  • Folic Acid
  • A vital supplement for prospective mom’s to be

There are many other vitamins and supplements available, which is required by individuals at different stages in our lives. These recommendations pertain specifically to this time during your infertility journey. They may change later in life, but the supplements discussed on this page are certainly beneficial now. Your contribution to infertility solutions, will give the expectant baby the most nutritious start to life!

Good health is always essential while you are trying to conceive, therefore vitamins and supplements will definitely contribute to an infertility solution!